Are Boy or Girl Bearded Dragons Better?

male and female bearded dragon together as owner wonders Are Boy or Girl Bearded Dragons Better?

Congratulations on the decision to raise a pet bearded dragon. You can be sure of some fun times ahead with these friendly, energetic reptiles. However, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is the choice of a male or female.

This article answers the question “Are Boy or Girl Bearded Dragons Better?” by looking into whether males or female beardies offer more fun and the nuances of raising each gender to ensure healthy livelihoods.

Are Boy or Girl Bearded Dragons Better?

Male and female bearded dragons both make great pets but males are often more lively, outgoing, and energetic than females. Males are also relatively bigger than females and tend to exhibit greater aggression and territorial behavior, especially during the breeding season.

Bearded dragons are some of the most friendly reptiles anyone could raise even for first-timers with no experience. Prospective owners may speak to the breeder or pet store attendant to discover the sex of a target beardie for sale but knowing how to identify the gender differences could make a huge impact.

Also, these reptiles can live for a decade or more so choosing the right gender may be the difference between a happy and frustrating beardie ownership.

Which Gender is More Difficult To Care For – Male or Female Bearded Dragons?

Males are more likely to display signs of aggression and territorial behavior compared to females. Since males are relatively larger than females, they can be more difficult to handle. But mature females lay eggs even in the absence of males although the eggs are infertile.

Females also require more nutritious diets before and after the egglaying process. Creating hiding spots in their enclosures may be critical for concealing the laid eggs. Like most reptiles, egg-laying is only possible in females and not males. (Source)

How To Tell Whether A Bearded Dragon Is Male or Female

beardie resting in a tank as prospective owner asks about How To Tell Whether A Bearded Dragon Is Male or Female

Unlike the majority of popular pets, male and female beardies look the same right after birth until 3-4 months old when their physical feature differences become more apparent. Males are typically larger with head sizes that far outweigh those of females.

Head size differences could be confusing sometimes because it is not uncommon for some female breeds to appear larger than males. A good look at their vents is the best way to determine gender differences between male and female bearded dragons.

  • Males have two oval-shaped bumps on each side of the tail just above the vent known as hemipenes.
  • Females have no bumps on the side of the tails but a small bulge just over their vents.
  • Males have physically bigger and more conspicuous beards, unlike females that lack the same features.
  • The femoral pores in males are larger, thicker, and darker compared to females whose pores are almost non-existent.
  • Males have a thicker tail from the base to the tip, unlike females with much thinner tails that are relatively lean all the way from tip to base.

Can Male and Female Bearded Dragons Live Together?

Females and males can live together in the same cage as long as the space is large enough to accommodate both. But, make sure the female is at least 24 months old before pairing up with males in the same tank because the risk of mating could be high.

Breeding younger females often results in complications that may be life-threatening. Males should be ideally separated from pregnant females to minimize the risk of exposure to aggressive behavior.

Additional Factors To Consider When Choosing Pet Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are grouped into hatchlings, babies, juveniles, and adults. We recommend that prospective owners avoid buying hatchlings due to their overly fragile nature which could lead to a high risk of death even from accidental handling.

Babies are 6-week-old bearded dragons with a length of approximately 6-8 inches. Beardies smaller than the lower end of the range should be allowed to grow bigger before being purchased if you decide to go down the baby route. Juvenile bearded dragons are at least 5 months old with a physically larger appearance resulting in higher chances of survival compared to hatchlings and babies.

Bearded dragons are considered adults after reaching 18 months old and the older the age of purchase, the higher the chances of survival. Many folks wait until bearded dragons are at least 24 months old because this is the age where their full colors are displayed.

Buying adult breeds enable them to choose based on the bearded dragon’s color combinations in addition to the higher survival chances.

How Many Bearded Dragons Should You Buy?

Bearded dragons are solitary animals that thrive alone in their tanks. However, some buyers may opt for more than one depending on their intentions. For instance, two bearded dragons in the same tank can offer companionship to each other although the possibility of fights will always exist.

Owners that intend to breed beardies in the future may also purchase a male and female to ensure consistent mating after gaining sexual maturity. Putting two juveniles or adults together is the best pairing technique.

An adult and infant pairing could see the latter getting eaten by the former. Hatchlings placed in the same tank are also more likely to fight for resources. Make sure tanks are large enough to provide adequate floor space to meet their needs before pairing up multiple bearded dragons together.

Where Can I Get A Bearded Dragon To Buy?

Bearded dragons are some of the most popular reptiles available for sale thanks to their pleasant demeanor and ease of bonding with their owners. Here are the most popular sources of bearded dragons for sale.


Online stores may be the way to go for folks looking for live bearded dragons in a stress-free manner. A quick Google search could help provide detailed information about online stores in your locality. You can simply go through the beardie listings and purchase whichever meets your budget and other personal requirements.

Pet Stores

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Local pet stores are probably the most convenient option when seeking to purchase domesticated bearded dragons. Popular national and regional brands offer these reptiles for sale and fortunately, seeing them in full glory is possible before making a buying decision.

However, detailed information like breed, age, gender, and genetics could be missing because pet store attendants usually do not have access to that kind of information.


Commercial breeders in your city can be a solid option when in the market for live bearded dragons. These breeders are required to be licensed by the USDA and may serve as a treasure trove of information on the listed beardies.

Unlike pet store attendants, breeders often provide detailed information including breed, genetics, and state of health on all listed animals. Additional details like their lineage and parenthood are also available after consulting commercial breeders.

Rescue Centers and Pet Charities

Animal rescue centers and pet charities are often some of the cheapest avenues to find healthy bearded dragons. It is not uncommon for beardies to be provided for free together with additional accessories like substrates and even glass tanks since many owners offer their live animals at no cost to these non-profits for several reasons.

Even when sold, pet charity prices may be extremely cheap compared to pet stores and commercial breeders.

Reptile Expos

Reptile expos are events that bring together breeders and potential buyers. Commercial breeders bring their live animals for sale and prospective buyers are allowed to touch the displayed reptiles before making a purchase.

Sometimes, a beardie can catch your eye right away triggering an instant purchase once all lingering questions have been answered by the breeder. It is not uncommon for potential buyers to haggle prices with sellers and breeders before making a deal.

You could always surf the web to find reptile expos happening in and around your city to make travel arrangements easier.

Reptile Dealers

Reptile dealers can be a great source of live beardies for sale. These folks represent multiple commercial breeders that list their animals on the dealer’s website for sale. Sometimes, dealers purchase rare breeds privately and put them up on their websites for sale.

How To Know When Male Bearded Dragons Are On Heat

male bearded dragon lying with head raised in an enclosure as owners wonder How To Know When Male Bearded Dragons Are On Heat

Head bouncing is a common sign of heat in male bearded dragons, especially when accompanied by a darkening of their head color. Chasing the female in a bid to mount is the next logical step especially after stomping his forefeet in her presence.

It is up to the female to decide whether to give in to the male’s advances or snub it for a lack of interest. Snubbed males often do not give up and resort to other means to persuade the female into allowing mating.

How To Know When Female Bearded Dragons Are On Heat

Females indicate their readiness to mate after accepting the male’s advances by waving their arms in coordination with the male’s head-bouncing movements. This is the most glaring sign of heat in the female bearded dragon.

Conclusion: Are Boy or Girl Bearded Dragons Better?

Female and male bearded dragons can both make awesome pets for the right owner as long as you’re ready to invest time and effort into providing the right conditions for them to thrive. The differences are subtle and learning how to sex them could be a great start.

Males and females may be housed together in the same cage but make sure the latter is at least 2 years old to minimize the risk of bleeding problems. Male and female bearded dragons are available in pet stores, online websites, reptile expos, reptile dealers, and commercial breeders.

Buying from a reputable source with knowledge about the reptile’s origins, parents, age, and breed could help provide the right care. The process of ending up with a healthy animal may also be greatly minimized when purchased from a reputable source.

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