Can Bearded Dragons Learn Their Name?

bearded dragon in its enclosure but Can Bearded Dragons Learn Their Name?

Few things are more admirable than the sight of a pet responding to its name when called. This explains why bearded dragon owners seek clarification on whether their pet lizards can recognize and respond to given names.

This article answers the question “Can Bearded Dragons Learn Their Name?” by discussing whether the reptiles respond to their names when called. We also reveal the best training techniques owners could use for beardies to get to know their names.

Can Bearded Dragons Learn Their Name?

Bearded dragons can learn and recognize their name but the best method is to associate their name-calling with a specific enjoyable activity like eating. The name should be called without suffixes or prefixes for the best results.

The confirmation that beardies have name-recognition capabilities may sound exciting for many folks but the dynamics are completely different from how humans or even other animals like dogs react to name-calling.

These reptiles only become familiar and show a positive response to their names when called at specific times when some sort of benefit is on the table. For instance, beardies can be called every time the owner is ready to offer treats like mealworms or crickets.

Eventually, the reptile begins to associate the sound of its name with the treat and comes out quickly when the name is mentioned in anticipation of enjoying a tasty snack.

Can Bearded Dragons Hear You?

Bearded dragons have good hearing ability thanks to their excellent auditory properties. They have the ability to hear and differentiate between sounds including their name. Many experienced owners play music to help relax stressed beardies and the results are always positive because of the reptile’s impressive hearing abilities.

We recommend speaking to them in a gentle tone during playtime to prevent stressing or triggering anxiety. During road trips, owners should stick to playing relaxing music to make the journey as smooth as possible since bearded dragons do not travel too well.

Watching TV shows or sports while the beardie remains on their laps is a favorite way of spending time together with the adorable lizard.

How To Teach Bearded Dragons Their Name

Here are the step-by-step ways to teach bearded dragons to recognize their names when mentioned by humans.

1. Offer Treats When You Call The Beardie’s Name

3 crickets in a home
House cricket (Acheta domestica) on egg pack. Wild life animal.

Having treats on hand to offer immediately after calling the bearded dragon’s name is a tried and tested method with a high success rate. Once you do this a couple of times, the beardie begins to associate the sound of its name with the pleasure of tasty mealworms or whatever is frequently served.

This works best if the insects are hand-fed instead of being left in the beardie’s food bowl. Over time, they quickly approach you in anticipation of being offered tasty worms every time their names are mentioned.

Hand feeding also strengthens the bond with the bearded dragon leading to multiple benefits in the long run. Name-calling may even be a great way to feed blind bearded dragons since each sound of their name indicates food is ready.

2. Maintain The Same Tone and Command

The tone and command used during the name calling of the beardie should stay the same for maximum results. If the beardie is named “Charlie” for instance, stick to mentioning “Charlie” alone instead of adding prefixes like “Hey Charlie” or “Charlie come here”.

Mixing up different words each time may trigger confusion leading to mixed results that could hinder the chances of progress. Simplicity is the key when teaching bearded dragons how to respond to their name.

Saying “Charlie” alone in the same tone is easier for the reptile to pick up on. Always stick to a gentle tone that excites the bearded dragon instead of a commanding one that may sound a bit scary to the little guy.

3. Consistency Is The Key

The best way to train beardies to recognize their name is to stay consistent i.e. daily hand feeding while mentioning the chosen name. Training your beardie for a few days in a row and forgetting about it only to resume a couple of days later will surely result in little to no progress.

Benefits of Bearded Dragons Learning Their Name

bearded dragon bonds with its owner one of the Benefits of Bearded Dragons Learning Their Name

Taking bearded dragons out for some fresh air during the summer can be beneficial to their health and total well-being. However, beardies could accidentally get lost in the outdoors, and in that case, calling their names may see them running back towards you in anticipation of being fed some tasty treats.

Can Bearded Dragons Recognize Their Owners?

Bearded dragons are endowed with excellent vision and hearing attributes that enable the recognition of their owners not only by face but by voice as well. They are very friendly lizards that respond to their owner’s voice and physical contact with enthusiasm.

Unlike other reptiles that show little interest in human interactions, bearded dragons are always eager to play with owners. Even strangers benefit from the goodwill of these adorable lizards because they usually respond to petting and physical contact from unknown folks.

Owners looking for reptiles that yearn for physical contact fall in love with bearded dragons easily. Taking them out of the cage for daily playtime also strengthens your bond with the beardie which promotes positive moods and longer lifespans.

How Much Can Bearded Dragons Hear?

bearded dragon listens attentively as owner asks How Much Can Bearded Dragons Hear?

Bearded dragons have excellent hearing ability thanks to powerful ear membranes that pick up sounds from 500 to 4000 hertz. This is not too shabby compared to the auditory abilities of humans which range from 20 to 20,000 hertz. (Source)

The beardie’s excellent hearing abilities come in handy in recognizing and responding to the sound of their names. Music can have a relaxing effect on bearded dragons thanks to the great natural auditory properties.

Conclusion: Can Bearded Dragons Learn Their Name?

Bearded dragons are intelligent creatures that can learn their names when the owner provides consistent training fueled with the right rewards systems. They typically associate the sound of their names with pleasurable activities like food or a toy so making that a constant during training is half of the battle won.

Bearded dragons should be spoken to in the same tone and with the same words during training to increase familiarity with their names. Also, attempts at changing the bearded dragon’s name after being trained with a previous name could backfire spectacularly.

Teaching bearded dragons how to respond to their names could be beneficial in several ways including strengthening your mutual bond. In the unlikely event that the reptile gets lost in your backyard garden or during other outdoor visits, calling their names repeatedly could summon them back to your location.

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