How to Keep a Hedgehog Warm During a Power Outage

power being restored as hedgehog owner contemplates How to Keep a Hedgehog Warm During a Power Outage

If you live in a cold city, power outages may be inevitable during winter and while they can be annoying for many folks, your hedgehog could die from the low temperatures in the absence of reliable heat source backups.

This article reveals “How to Keep a Hedgehog Warm During a Power Outage” by outlining smart ways to provide warmth for your beloved quill baby when the electricity shuts down during winter. 

We reveal tips and tricks to conserve comfortable temperatures in the cage setup as well as ways or sources to generate replacement heat. This guarantees the protection of hedgehogs from extremely low temperatures that could stimulate infections like the common cold, hypothermia, and hibernation which may turn fatal.

How To Keep A Hedgehog Warm During A Power Outage

Draping your hedgehog’s cage in thick blankets and providing extra hedgehog sleeping bags or fleece blankets can conserve warmth in the enclosure when the power shuts down. Snuggling up to hedgehogs under your blankets, using hand warmers, and wrapping towels around hot water bottles could also be reliable sources of heat during power outages.

Cold regions typically experience power shutdowns during winter and every hedgehog parent needs to have an emergency plan in place to protect their quill babies when the inevitable happens at that time of the year.

Sometimes, power outages could last for up to a week or even more so it is essential that whatever plans put in place are formulated with more than a couple of days in mind.

How Warm Should A Hedgehog’s Cage Be?

Hedgehogs thrive in temperatures ranging from 75 F to 85 F but won’t be too bothered when it drops to as low as 72 F or rises to up to 90 F. However, hibernation and estivation may be triggered when the hedgehog’s habitat temperature drops or rises significantly from the normal range. (Source)

7 Ways To Keep Hedgehogs Warm When The Power Shuts Down

Shall we delve into the smartest ways to keep hedgehogs warm when the power shuts down during harsh weather?

1. Drape The Hedgehog Cage With Heavy Blankets 

The first step is to conserve the current heating in the hedgehog’s enclosure by wrapping heavy blankets around the cage immediately after the power outage occurs. Ensure the cage is fully draped minus a small part for ventilation purposes.

This can help you buy some time to figure out long-term heat sources while blocking the cold drafts from entry into the hedgehog’s habitat.

2. More Hedgehog Blankets Please

hedgehog lying on a blanket

Hedgehogs could use a couple of pet blankets to snuggle up to when the power shuts down during cold periods of the year. Not only do the blankets serve as a source of heat but also protect the hedgehog’s body from physical contact with cage areas that may begin showing signs of getting affected by the cold over time.

3. Handwarmers Are A Must-Have For Hedgehogs 

Having a pack of hand warmers on standby may come in handy during emergency power losses. These warmers can be easily activated to provide heat during the chilly winter months when there’s no central heating.

The only downside is hedgehogs may be tempted to chew the hand warmers but you can get around this by wrapping them in socks and tying the ends. Check on the hedgehogs routinely to be sure they’re not munching on the hand warmers.

4. Hot Water Bottles and Towels 

Filling a bottle with hot water wrapped in a towel or fabric could offer heat in the hedgehog’s cage for an hour or two when the power shuts down. The hot water tank may remain hot for several hours after a power outage so you should have no problems putting this trick to use for the rest of the day. 

However, you may need to have a gas stove to continue heating water for several days if this method is to remain the primary source of heat for your hedgehogs. Also, ensure that the bottle is leak-proof because a wet hedgehog cage could defeat your efforts to maintain warm temperatures.

Alternatively, place the hot water bottle in a Ziploc bag wrapped with hedgehog-safe material to minimize the risk of accidental leakages.

5. Generators Can be Lifesaving For Hedgehogs 

electric generator on a side walk

Gas generators could be a great option to keep hedgehogs warm during power shutdowns. These generators may power key electrical appliances like central heating to keep the whole house warm until the power is restored.

Ensure enough gas supplies to last for up to a week because there are no guarantees when the power will return.

6. Propane or Kerosene Heaters 

Propane and kerosene heaters can be another source of heat for hedgehogs in the absence of generators. A lot of safety precautions have to be observed during usage but they could effectively help heat large areas of the home during power outages.

Many folks rely on these heaters for their pet’s rooms in winter even when electricity is available and while heat regulation may be difficult, windows could be opened when temperatures soar to unbearable levels.

7. Snuggle Up To Your Hedgehogs 

owner snuggling up to pet hedgehog outdoors

When all of the above options are unavailable for some reason, your body heat could come in handy for the hedgehog’s comfort during power outages. Sure, snuggling up to spiky hedgehogs may not be as comfortable as cats, dogs, or hamsters but it is not impossible with careful planning.

How Do I Know If My Hedgehog is Too Cold?

Cold temperatures may trigger reactions such as low physical activity, loss of appetite, and general signs of lethargy. Favorite activities like running on wheels and munching on mealworms may be curtailed when temperatures in their cages are too low for comfort.

Fixing a thermometer or thermostat in your hedgehog’s cage could come in handy to prevent temperatures from getting to extreme levels before taking action.

Conclusion: How to Keep a Hedgehog Warm During a Power Outage 

Keeping hedgehogs warm during power outages in the winter is no mean feat but it is not impossible with careful planning and execution. Wrapping heavy blankets around the hedgehog’s cage can maintain the internal temperature.

Tossing a few hedgehog blankets inside the cage could also keep your quill baby warm especially when the cold drafts are blocked from entry into the cage. Additional options to keep hedgehogs warm in the absence of electricity include activating hand warmers, draping fabric or towels around hot water bottles, and powering on gas generators.

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