What Accessories Need To Be in A Hedgehog Cage? Top 10 Cage Essentials List!

hedgehog in its cage as owner wonders What Accessories Need To Be in A Hedgehog Cage?

Congratulations on the decision to raise a pet hedgehog. There are some fun times ahead even if you won’t always enjoy being a parent to these amazing little creatures. Setting up a proper habitat for your hedgehogs to provide comfort is essential before the arrival of your quill baby.

This article answers the question “what accessories need to be in a hedgehog cage” by discussing the essentials for a thriving hedgehog environment. We also reveal our favorite picks for a few of these accessories to save you the stress of starting from scratch.

What Accessories Need To Be In A Hedgehog Cage?

Food bowls, water bottles, wheels, and bedding are essential accessories to source after picking up the perfect hedgehog cage. Hideouts, heating, thermostats, and thermometers are also vital to the hedgehog’s comfort during their stay in the cage.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make as a new hedgehog owner is waiting until the arrival of your pet before setting off to purchase the required cage components.

Not only can this create significant stress for the hedgehog and delay the familiarization process during its first few days in your home but it could also put you under a lot of pressure particularly when the local pet store does not have everything in stock.

What is The Best Hedgehog Cage?

The Guinea Habitat By Midwest is our hedgehogs’ favorite cage after trying a few others. It provides 8 Square feet of space to fit all necessary accessories while leaving ample room for hedgehogs to enjoy lots of physical activity.

It features a PVC-lined canvas bottom which provides comfort and stability for the hedgehog’s sensitive feet and eases the cleaning process. The 14-inch sides allow unhinged access to your hedgehogs while securing them in the cage to prevent escape.

Top 10 Essentials For Your Hedgehog’s Cage 

Here are 10 vital accessories that can create an amazing cage environment to enhance your hedgehog’s comfort. 

  1. Food Bowl
  2. Water Bottle or Bowl
  3. Running Wheel
  4. Bedding 
  5. Hideouts
  6. Toys 
  7. Heat Pads or Heat Lamps 
  8. Thermometer 
  9. Thermostat
  10. Exercise Area 

1. Food Bowl

Hedgehogs need to eat and the type of food bowl provided can affect their appetite in a variety of ways. For instance, choosing a bowl that is too deep to reach leads to declined appetite and weight loss since your hedgehogs are unable to enjoy as much access to their food as they’d like.

The Kaytee Stoneware Bowl is perfect for hedgehogs who love to put their feet on the side of the bowl while munching on food. They are easy to wash and come in a pack of two which can come in handy for hedgehog owners who prefer designating exclusive bowls for treats such as mealworms and waxworms.

The heavyweight finish makes these bowls tip-resistant ensuring a sanitized cage and non-contaminated food for hedgehogs.

2. Water Bottle or Water Bowls

The water bottle vs bowl debate is finally settled and the former emerges as the winner by a mile. Water bottles provide a more sanitary cage environment as well as access to non-contaminated water compared to bowls or dishes that constantly get soiled with dirt, cage litter, and even the hedgehog’s poop.

Our hedgehogs love the Kardon Oasis Water Bottle since the spout drips enough water into the mouths, unlike others that may frustrate hedgehogs into spout biting. It minimizes the risk of hedgehogs suffering chipped teeth and the resultant discomfort which discourages many hedgehog owners from water bottle use.

This amazing water bottle holds up well and a glance through hedgehog forums and Amazon reveals scores of pet owners confessing their satisfaction. It can be a game-changer for any pet owner with a history of water bottle malfunction.

3. Hedgehog Running Wheel

hedgehog on a running wheel

A running wheel is probably the most important accessory for these cute little mammals. Getting the wrong one may result in significant blowback for hedgehogs which explains why critical factors including the nature of the design as well as the size of the diameter should be analyzed during shopping.

Hedgehogs should never find themselves running on wheels that feature slits and holes because they can trap their nails causing severe injury. Additionally, the right wheel should be at least 12 inches wide to provide enough space for the hedgehog to run uninhibited.

Our hedgehogs run at least 3 hours each night on the Kaytee Comfort Wheel which offers solid room for unrestricted physical activity. The solid base and wide running track provides stability and eliminates slipping accidents while allowing hedgehogs to burn calories and build muscle.

4. Bedding 

Hedgehog cage liners provide a much cozier experience for your beloved quill babies. Wood shavings are popular but we prefer fleece due to its comfortable feel to the touch and amazing anti-wicking properties.

Fleece wicks moisture from spilled water and the hedgehog’s urine resulting in a dry habitat. Hedgehogs are allergic to wood shavings so fleece can be a welcome addition. Many folks buy fleece from local pet stores and cut it up for use as cage liners.

We prefer the GuineaDad Fleece Cage Liner because of its ultra-soft feel on their legs and skin. It is easy to clean and the signature pocket design allows hedgehogs to burrow as much as they want. The liner is highly absorbent which guarantees a thriving environment for pet hedgehogs.

5. Hideouts

Like most caged pets, hedgehogs love hideouts where they can sleep comfortably during the daytime without feeling exposed. Hideouts come in many designs but we’ve had the best experience with plastic igloos for our hedgehogs.

The Savic Rody Igloo Hideaway works well for our beloved hedgehogs and we love the fact that cleaning is a breeze. The solid lower base is suitable for placement on all surfaces and the whole enclosure can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

6. Toys 

Hedgehogs require a wide range of toys to enjoy their time in the cage and while running wheels are a great start, there are multiple toys available for when your hedgehog is not in the mood to run.

Chew toys, for instance, can keep hedgehogs entertained during their time away from running wheels. It eliminates boredom which minimizes stress and improves the hedgehog’s overall well-being.

7. Heat Pads or Heat Lamps 

Hedgehogs may attempt to hibernate when temperatures plummet in the winter and this can result in fatalities. Keeping their cages warm can discourage this dangerous expedition which could be lifesaving for your hedgehog.

The Snuggle Safe Pet Heating Pad is our most trusted accessory for hedgehogs during the harsh winter months. It requires microwaving for a couple of minutes and can be safely placed under the hedgehog’s bed for warm snuggling for up to 10 hours.

8. Thermometer 

thermometer measuring degrees in fahrenheit

Thermometers are an essential component of hedgehog cages because they provide an update of prevailing temperatures at any point in time. Hedgehogs come in many types and it is up to you to find one that works for the cage.

Hedgehogs thrive between 72F to 80 F and since temperatures do not stay constant, a thermometer prompts you when temperatures venture out of the stipulated range.

9. Thermostat

Temperatures fluctuate in the hedgehog’s cage throughout the day and since it is impossible to keep an eye on it 24/7, automated thermostats could be priceless in providing a safe, cozy environment for pet hedgehogs.

The Inkbird Digital Thermostat automatically powers cooling and heating equipment as temperatures change to guarantee constant warmth for pet hedgehogs. The plug-and-play setup can finally put your hedgehog’s temperature worries behind you.

10. Exercise Area 

Hedgehogs require a decent amount of exercise area to enjoy their time in the cage habitat. Choosing a fairly large cage can be a great start but you also need to get creative in the cage setup process to ensure space gains.

Every inch counts in a hedgehog’s cage and choosing water bottles instead of water bowls, for instance, may offer space savings.

Creating The Perfect Hedgehog Habitat

As stated earlier, waiting until the hedgehog arrives before setting up the cage environment can cause a lot of problems. We recommend completing the setup with the accessories listed above and testing critical components like the heating to verify it is in working order.

If your hedgehogs arrive in winter, make sure the cage is already warm beforehand because every minute counts. Also, cage components like wheels should be kept as close to the heating source as possible to maintain warm temperatures, especially during power outages.

The right cage setup typically speeds up the hedgehog’s settling-in period and ensures maximum comfort from day one.


Responsible hedgehog parents provide the necessary accessories to maximize their pets’ comfort in their habitats and this often starts with getting an appropriately-sized cage. Filling the cage with essentials like running wheels, hideouts, and a few chew toys may come in handy.

Besides, providing a spacious exercise area, in addition, can keep hedgehogs entertained when they wake up at night. Hedgehog habitats should be kept constantly warm with the help of critical accessories like cage liners, thermostats, and thermometers.

This could ensure minimal risk of suffering respiratory infections as well as hibernation and resultant effects like death.

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